Grey goose rating

grey goose rating

Buy Grey Goose Vodka online. Read spirit ratings /reviews for our Vodka - Wheat category. Importer: Grey Goose Importing (Bacardi), Miami, Fla PROOF: 80 (40%) AGE: Not Applicable TYPE: French, Grain Ingredients: French Wheat PRICE: $$60. That is a matter of opinion, yet if you're looking for a quality vodka that is reliable and at a decent price, then Grey Goose is an excellent option. If you have additional barcodes please submit them to us! If marketing was the deciding factor instead of taste this would hands down by the greatest vodka. Out of those, 4 have been "bad". I know everyones taste is different, but that was my first shot of it and it was by far the worst vodka I ever drank, people drink it up. Ben Twang Reply Deluxe travel games August 17, 2: A neither has the World Spirits Competition when they do though This is just not good to me.


Vodka Review - Grey Goose vs Kirkland grey goose rating


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